Work-related Health: Core Regions of Understanding and Competence

Ecological Health Management

The OH nurse, specifically in individuals organizations, for example SME’s, who might not have a delegated ecological health manager, can advise the organization on simple measures to chop using natural sources, minimize producing waste, promote re-cycling and make certain that ecological health management is positioned on every organizations agenda. The OH nurse may also find appropriate specialists within their locations to advice or cope with ecological health management. The work-related health nurse can provide if you take these problems forward even without the other specialists.

Advisor to management and staff on the process of workplace health management.

OH nurses involved with workplace health management can often be requested to do something as advisors to management and staff on the introduction of workplace health practices and policies, and may fulfill an advisory role by taking part in, for example, safety and health committee conferences, health promotion conferences, and could be known as upon to provide independent advice to managers or workers who’ve specific concerns over medical risks.

Like a liaison with other exterior health or social agencies.

OH nurses act within an advisory role when seeing people and also require issues that, although in a roundabout way associated with work may affect future work attendance or performance. The nurse may engage in counseling individuals to talk to their very own family physician or doctor, or any other exterior agency which may be better placed to assist the individual.

Health educator & Health Promotor.

Health education among the key prerequisites of workplace health promotion is integral part of the OH nurses’ role. In certain countries the nurse is needed to aid activities for adoption from the healthy lifestyles within on-going health promotion process, in addition to be a part of safety and health activities. OH nurses can do a needs assessment for health promotion within the organization, prioritize activities in consultation with management and workers, develop and plan right interventions, deliverer co-ordinate the delivery of health promotion strategies and may play an invaluable role in evaluating the delivery and achievements from the health promotion strategy.


Within the small or medium-sized company the work-related health nurse could be the only doctor present more often than not plus they might help people working there in working with mental health insurance and work-related stress. For most people the work-related health nurse, working at the organization level, could be the first reason for connection with medical service providers which nurses can perform much to make certain that individuals are referred right agency.

Health Needs Assessor

A professional OH nurse will have to be well skilled in undertaking a nurse-based health needs assessment at both individual and also the business level. This kind of assessment can be used the foundation for individual situation management or work-related health program planning. OH nurses could use research based skills in transporting the assessment, in handling the information generated within the assessment as well as in interpreting the outcomes and counseling management serving as part of the multidisciplinary team.

Evidence Based Specialist

More and more all medical service providers are utilizing evidence based method of practice that needs the professional to find the very best available info on which to base their practice. Work-related health nurses are skilled while seeking the literature, reviewing evidence available, which can be by means of practice guidelines or protocols, and applying these guidance documents inside a practical situation.

Work-related health nurses ought to be well skilled in presenting evidence, identifying gaps in current understanding, and allowing others to examine critically the implementation of care plans according to their assessment from the evidence.


Probably the most broadly used and recognized type of analysis into work-related related ill-health insurance and disease is dependant on large-scale epidemiological studies. Work-related health nurses are encouraged to understand the concepts and fundamental methods utilized in epidemiology.

This concludes the 4-part series the main regions of understanding from the work-related health nurse

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