University Students Now Have Practical, Real-World Ways to Learn

Google is a hugely successful company, and its name is seemingly everywhere. Today, the company is even helping people in Thailand get a head start on their careers by offering skills training programs that help them develop the skills they’ll need once they get into the work world. An example of this is the Academy Bangkok, which combines the best of Google education so that customers and partners can learn more about the digital world and use it to grow their businesses. This includes university students throughout Thailand who learn more about their future career so they’ll be more prepared for it when they get to that point. Cloud computing and developer skills are two of the many areas explored through this academy, but they are certainly not the only ones.

Real-Life Learning Is Important

Academy Bangkok is also the venue for training participants of the Google Ignite program, which is the two-month digital marketing course made specifically for university students. The Ignite program is also unique in that it connects companies who need highly qualified employees and university students who will soon be looking for a job. The area where the training takes place is called Google Space, and it accommodates 150 to 200 students at a time, so it is quite large. One of the reasons this facility is so important is because Thailand’s digital and technology community is booming, which means they are always in need of talented people. This is yet another way to match companies with employees so that both benefit from the arrangement.

The Best of Both Worlds

Combining talented people with excellent companies that need talented people is a very important job, so knowing that there are organizations that provide this service is truly invaluable. Academy Bangkok is a well-planned out facility that took everything into consideration when it was designed, and as a result it has turned out even better than many people expected. These facilities hire only the best instructors and center every class they offer around the practical, real-life needs of their students. They are there to make sure all students get the most up-to-date information and hands-on assistance possible so that they get real-world experience before they leave the academy. These schools’ contribution to the world is priceless, and the fact that Google is so willing to be a part of this educational opportunity says a lot about the company. If you’re ever in Bangkok, you may want to visit this academy because it is truly an exciting and innovative facility.

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