Tips For Buying Used Zero Turn Mowers For Sale

When you’re shopping for a used Zero Turn mower for sale, the horsepower is of utmost importance. You should choose a machine with at least 8 horsepower so you can comfortably mow 4-5 acres without stopping for gas.

Commercial-grade Zero Turns are built to withstand heavy use and are a bit more expensive. These machines typically have large mowing decks, powerful engines, and large fuel tanks, and their high-speed features can help you tackle even the most difficult terrain.

Another important part to look for when buying a used zero-turn mower is the engine. Look for leaking oil, as well as debris. If you see any debris, the air filter may not have been properly maintained. The engine should start smoothly and not emit smoke or fumes whenever you turn it on. A good seller will have the knowledge of how to maintain the engine, as well. If the seller of the Zero Turn mower for sale isn’t willing to offer you maintenance or warranty information, you can’t trust them.

If you have a small to medium sized yard with a number of obstacles, you might want to choose a model with a 48-inch cutting deck. You can get one with a larger deck for a bigger yard. For larger lawns, a 48-inch machine will do the job nicely. They are also more stable when mowing on uneven ground. Alternatively, a ZT1 50 can work well in most conditions.

Besides the price, other factors such as the features of the machine can affect the purchase price. Those with more features will typically be more expensive than a basic model. Some models may even have one metal deck. The size of the deck is also another factor in price. A larger deck will increase the price. There are a number of things to consider when choosing a zero-turn mower for sale. Make sure to carefully consider these factors before deciding on the price.

When looking at Scag zero turn lawn mowers, it is essential to be choosy about the condition of the engine. You should avoid buying a machine with a seized engine as it won’t function well and will cost a fortune to replace. Make sure the deck is clean and free of cracks and grease, and don’t be afraid to ask for a test drive from the seller.

After deciding on a used zero-turn mower, you should check its overall condition. Besides being reliable, a ZTR mower requires regular maintenance. In order to get optimal performance, you should regularly check the transmission oil and air filter. A properly maintained engine will reduce the chance of a rollover.

The higher speed of ZTR mowers may encourage aggressive maneuvers, but this can result in serious injuries. A rollover involving several hundred pounds of steel and multiple sets of whirring blades can cause a catastrophic result. Make sure that the model has rollover protection measures. Some also feature a seat belt and rollbar.

Purchasing a used zero-turn mower can also save you money. ZTR mowers depreciate by up to 31% after the first year. This means that a $3,000 mower may only be worth $2000 after one year.

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