Step Out in Style with These Styling Tips for Shirt Dresses

Shirt dresses can be styled in different ways to achieve a chic look, or if you are going for a more casual vibe, you can easily pair with white sneakers to get the look. Their versatility is one of the factors why they are so popular. Shirt dresses are comfortable and extremely easy to wear. So, here are the ways you can style a shirt dress and wear it like a pro.

Layer it Up

If you have a banging figure, you may look wearing a loose oversized shirt dress, but it is not a good look for many. Models look great even when they step out of their house in a pajama, but the average women must find ways to create a look that will draw all eyes to them. If the weather is a little cold and you are in the mood to wear a shirt dress instead of the same old jeans and T-shirt today, you can instead consider layering it up. Wear a shirt dress and then add a padded jacket or a quilted over it and you are good to go! This not only makes you look stylish, but it also keeps you warm!

The Casual and Comfortable Look

Most women wear their shirt dresses to bed. Well, yes, they are comfy, but they can also be cool if you play up your style a little. Instead of wearing the shirt dress to bed, instead pair it with some 8-inch heels, let your hair loose and tousled and then finish off the look with some glasses. You will look out together in a way as if you did not even try; you just happened to pick whatever.

The Urban Look

If you like a more urban style, then do not opt for high heels. No, instead go into your wardrobe and look for some black dress shoes. Yes, you read that right and then get some black ankle-length socks. Wear an oversized dress shirt and finish off the look with a cute backpack, preferably leather! Opt for a messy hairstyle and some smudged eyeliner effect.

The Hobo Look

No, this style will not make you look needy or haggard; instead, people will be complimenting your sense of style. Wear a loose fitted shirt dress and pair it with a metallic shirt skirt and then add some platform heeled black boots. A messy hairstyle and some metallic eyeliner will finish off the look perfectly.

Go Casual

This is something that you can wear every day. You need to put minimal effort into this look, which is why it is excellent if you are going to your school or college. Add a pair of Adidas sneakers and some glasses and let your hair loose. You can find unique casual shirt dresses online like on Yishion SG.

Uniquely Drab Look

If you are aiming for the emo look that was so popular back in the 2000s, you can achieve that with a shirt dress quickly! Wear your favorite loose shirt dress and then throw in fishnet stockings, knee-high boots, a large jacket that reaches your mid-thigh, and a silver choker. If you want to take this look to another level, you can dye your hair a bright color to add some color to your otherwise colorless emo outfit. Do not go too heavy with the makeup; keep it light and simple.

The Shirt Dress and Skirt Combo

If you love wearing both skirts and dresses, then you can combine both to achieve a unique look! Wear your favorite shirt dress and add a flared skirt that reaches your knees. Combine it with a pair of loafers that are flat and open heeled. Grab a cute handbag, and you are good to go!

The Sexy Skirt Shirt Combo

Do not want to go all-out sexy? Well, alright, you can bring the sexy down a notch by pairing a thigh-high slit skirt with an oversized loose shirt dress and then pairing it with some kitten heels. A handbag is a must, but you should not go for a matching handbag, instead opt for a color that is opposite to the color of your attire. Wear a watch or a bracelet, get some zany glasses, golden studs, and then part your hair in the middle. Flatten out all the curls and tuck your behind your ears to finish the look.

The Airport Look

Celebrities’ airport looks often make the headlines due to their casual yet trendy looks. Airport fashion is a thing, and if you want to achieve this airport look, well, we are here to help. You need a shirt dress that is quite loose fitted, a denim jacket, round sunglasses, a handkerchief, and a handbag. Tie the handkerchief around your neck in a bow like it’s a necklace. Also, get your hair up in a high bun. Let all your bangs loose and go for a messy bun look, and you have your airport look!

The Edge Look

Get some high-top sneakers and pair it with a long shirt dress that has a thigh-high slit. If you are going to wear accessories, keep it minimal and basic. Do a middle parting and tie your hair in a low ponytail. Opt for dark makeup; the focal point should either be your dark smoky eyes or dark lips.

Go Bold

Get an edgy looking coated shirt dress and pair it with ankle-length high shine boots. Add an oversized handbag, messy hair, and oversized glasses to head out of town!

Street style

The street style has gotten hugely popular, and more and more celebrities are donning street wears. If you want to do that too, grab a casual shirt dress, a pair of fishnet stockings, and pair it with heeled sneakers with some socks. Do your hairs up in a high ponytail and add a bandana and get a tote bag! You have endless of styling possibilities with a shirt dress. You can style based on what you wanted.

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