Some Of The Best Charitable Projects In Thailand

Giving to charity is something that we all should do more of, and there are some excellent charities that you can get involved within Thailand. You can make an immense difference by choosing a charity that is close to your heart to help, and plenty of charities in Thailand need your help. If you live in Thailand and want to give something back to society, below are some of the best charities in the country that need your help today.

UNICEF Thailand

UNICEF is a charity that many people around the world know, and they are famous for helping children to make sure that they do not go hungry and receive the education that they deserve. They have a wide variety of projects throughout the country, all of which are vital for many underprivileged children. If you would like to donate money for Thai children through UNICEF, they will appreciate all the help that they can get.

World Vision

World Vision is another international charity that does a lot to help the underprivileged children of Thailand, and they have many excellent projects that they need assistance with to make a difference. The charity tries to ensure that as many children as possible have access to education, good nutrition, and primary health care, which are areas that a lot of children need help within Thailand.

Habitat For Humanity

The idea behind habitat For Humanity is providing homeless people with shelter and accommodation and help them get their lives back in order. Their volunteers will help to build new houses, as well as renovate existing ones, and ensure that they are fit for habitation, giving the people that need a home a lifeline.

Paper Ranger

Paper Ranger is a charity that takes the recycled paper and turns it in stationary which they sell at a low price. The money that they raise is then used for operating costs and to raise awareness about deforestation in Thailand, helping to educate people. You can take your paper to them to be donated, or they can come and collect it, and your paper products will be sent back to you or donated to a local school.

Soi Dog Foundation

There are also many charities throughout the country that help animals, and the Soi Dog Foundation is one that assists cats and dogs and tries to find them forever homes. They help to give the animals the medical treatment that they require, and to help prevent the number of stray animals they operate a sterilisation program.

These are just a few of the many charities that operate in Thailand, and there are plenty more besides. For a more extensive list of charities that you can donate to, the website has many charities that deserve your support.

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