How Much Does a Funeral Service Cost?

A funeral service doesn’t come cheap. If the deceased didn’t have any prepaid funeral service plan in place with a reputable service provider, chances are you would need to pay for everything out of pocket. With basic funeral costs composed of fees for the funeral home, their services, funeral director and staff, plus other merchandise, it does come up to a pretty huge bill.

You need to consider several factors when planning a funeral service for a beloved family member. It would be best to speak with reputable funeral directors in Leeds who can help you arrange the service according to your budget and traditions. You can also arrange for payment terms to help pay for the service, and they can help you defray costs with the right strategies.

Let’s examine how much a funeral service costs on average.

Type of service

The funeral cost will depend on whether you choose a traditional funeral or instead cremate the deceased. Basic burial fees run up to £4,800, while a cremation will set you back by £3,600 on average. These fees are still exclusive of the send-off charges, which may cost you an average of £2,100.

In total, if you choose a burial, prepare at the very least £6,900, while a cremation will cost about £5,700. These sums are a bit higher than before because of the increases due to other economic factors.

Funeral fees

Funeral fees include a casket if you’re going for burial as well as the rental for the hearse. The cost also will consist of the collection and the care of the deceased’s body from the hospital to the funeral home. You can also ask for professional guidance from directors regarding filing forms and other paperwork for the dead. Their fees are also subject to change depending on the additions of the services you require or request.

Burial fees

The burial plot, including its preparation, the paperwork, and other similar considerations, will cost about £2,100 on average.

Service additions

Costs can also pile up when you include several optional services and additions to the funeral. For example, flowers can cost, on average, from £150 to £250 depending on the flowers and the arrangement you pick. Catering for the memorial service and viewing may set you back anywhere from £400 to £600, depending on the type of food you would serve the attendees. An obituary and announcement of the death and burial will also merit £150 to £200 in fees.

A minister for the religious ceremony may cost about £150 to £200, and you may also have to arrange for transportation for the people who will join in the burial ceremony. You also have to consider the cost of the gravestone, which may cost about £900.

Final takeaway

Paying for a funeral service can be a financial challenge, especially if the deceased didn’t acquire a funeral plan. The costs add up because there are many steps that you have to complete before you can provide the departed with a proper send-off.


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