Choosing A Car For Your Child`s Birthday Cake

When your child`s birthday is fast approaching, and they love cars and other vehicles, you may want to consider having a cake made in the form of their favourite for their birthday. Many cake specialists can create a bespoke car for you in the style of your child`s favourite vehicle, and it will help to ensure it is a birthday to remember. Below are some of the various options you can choose and surprise your child with a fantastic looking cake that is also delicious on their birthday.

A Lamborghini Cake

If you want to get a stunning car birthday cake for your son or daughter, then a supercar Lamborghini is the perfect option. Even people who do not know much about cars can identify the raging bull logo of Lamborghini. A skilled cake designer can make a scaled version of the vehicle, and it can look ultra-realistic, and it may even look too good to eat. You can have them create the car cake in any colour you wish, and you can even select the flavour of cake and the filling that your child will prefer.

An Aston Martin Cake

If your child loves cars and James Bond, then you can consider getting them an Aston Martin cake for their birthday and choose one of the iconic designs from the movies. There are plenty of Aston Martin cars from which you can choose, and some of the films that saw this British car appearing in include:

  • Thunderball
  • Golden Eye
  • Tomorrow Never Dies
  • Casino Royale
  • Skyfall
  • Spectre

Select their favourite James Bond movie and have the Aton Martin recreated in the form of a cake by a skilled cake maker, and they will love their surprise.

A Ferrari Cake

Another iconic Italian sports car brand you can use to design your child`s birthday cake is Ferrari. It is another brand of sports car that people worldwide will recognise, and they have appeared in many films over the years. You can choose their favourite type of Ferrari, and it is quite a long list of choices, and commission an excellent cake designer to make it for you. Most cake makers will have experience making cakes in the shape of cars, so it should be relatively simple to find one in your local area to make your cake for you.

A Porsche Cake

If your child prefers their German cars, then you can have a cake made in the design of their favourite Porsche and its distinctive style. Porsche is a design that people instantly recognise, and its shape has not changed very much over the decades. Select the type you prefer, and have it made in your child’s favourite colour, and choose the flavour and filling, and you will be on your way to getting a birthday cake that your child is going to love.

There are many other cars you can consider for your child’s birthday cake, but these are some of the most popular. Remember to have plenty of pictures of the design you want to give to the cake maker, and you can ensure you get an excellent looking birthday cake.

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